Arthur currently consults the ATM Community under the banner of Air Traffic Management System Advisors, however, provides the Board of Airline Representatives (BARSA) a dedicated, priority consultancy/advisory services where it concerns the protection of interests of the Member Airlines in the ATM Operational environment.

He has been involved in the aviation industry his entire working life and has experienced all the facets and associated dynamics from regulator and authority, to service provider, hands on operations to management at all levels up to executive and then board level. He started his career as a Cadet Air Traffic Controller with the Department of Transport in January 1970, qualifying as an Aerodrome Controller at FAOT International Airport in 1972.

Arthur, who also obtained a Private Pilot’s Licence in 1980, has held numerous positions, including as Chief ATC for the Johannesburg Region, Director Air Traffic Services of the Department of Transport in 1991, and was appointed Head of Aeronautical Search and Rescue Operations for South Africa in 1992. He played a pivotal role in the commercialisation of Air Traffic and Navigational Services and took up the option to join the Company as the then Divisional Manager Air Traffic Services in April 1994. Additionally, he was appointed to the specialist team tasked to review National Civil Aviation Policy relating to Airspace, ATS and Airports.

In 1998 he was assigned to the ICAO ATM Concept Panel, and later appointed as chair of the panel renamed ATMRPP (ATM Requirements and Performance Panel). He retired from ATNS in Dec 2005 as; General (Executive) Manager Air Traffic Management (Planning and Standards), encompassing the Operational Planning, Aeronautical Information Services and Standards & Quality Assurance Departments, and; Head of Aeronautical Search and Rescue Operations RSA. He returned later to serve on the ATNS Board from May 2008 to September 2011.

Arthur’s passion is aviation safety, efficiency and promoting the solutions and advantages presented by the ICAO ATM Operational Concept. He is a recipient of numerous awards, including the CANSO Life Time Award in 2006 for outstanding achievement in Global ATM and the ICAO Laurel Award for contribution to the effort in establishing global ATM.