To help our readers stay abreast of the changing travel and tourism landscape, Travel News will bring ongoing updates on the countries that have announced the reopening of their borders, and when.

Updates from July 24-30

Chad will resume admitting commercial flights on August 1. Upon entry, travellers will be checked for fever and, if symptomatic, may be transported to a hospital for further evaluation. Travellers without symptoms are required to quarantine for 14 days after arrival.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo plans to start reopening land borders and airports on August 15. Visitors will require negative PCR tests and temperature checks, and there is also the possibility of testing and/or quarantine upon arrival.

Sudan has lifted bans on flights from Egypt, Turkey, and the UAE, but flights from other nations are still suspended until October 10.

Nepal will reopen for international tourism on August 17. Travellers must carry a health certificate proving they are free of COVID-19, but authorities haven’t yet given details on whether they will only accept PCR tests or the time limit on when the test was performed.

Jordan’s government announced that regular commercial international flights would remain suspended until August 4, after which it aims to approve tourism arrivals from pre-determined ‘green’ nations. The nations that fall into that category have not yet been announced.