The Chief Executive Officer of South African Airways SOC Ltd, Mr Monwabisi Kalawe, is currently on suspension.  He was suspended pending the finalisation of an investigation in respect of serious allegations of misconduct.

This investigation, conducted externally by Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs Forensics, was overseen by a subcommittee of the Board, selected as having had no previous connections with either the Company or Mr Kalawe, and which was endorsed by Mr Kalawe.

The Board has, in light of the findings of the investigation and legal advice from Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs and Senior Counsel, resolved to convene a formal disciplinary enquiry before an independent external chairperson, Advocate Nazeer Cassim SC, a senior member of the Johannesburg Bar, to consider the complaints against Mr Kalawe, in terms of SAA’s policies and practices and the law.  Both parties will be legally represented during the disciplinary enquiry. The disciplinary enquiry process will commence in due course on the dates to be determined by the external Chairperson in conjunction with the parties’ representatives.

In as far as this is an internal matter, it is not appropriate to divulge the details of the allegations against Mr Kalawe at this stage, suffice to say that the allegations relate to serious misconduct relating, inter alia, to non-compliance with various critical policies and procedures as well as legislation, including the Public Finance Management Act, SAA’s Supply Chain Management Policy, the Job Evaluation Policy, Recruitment & Selection Policy and the Delegation of Authority Policy, gross misrepresentation (to the Minister of Public Enterprises) and failure to act at all times in the best interests of SAA.

These remain allegations and whether Mr Kalawe’s is in fact guilty and what penalty may be imposed, if any, will be determined by the Chairperson of the hearing after considering all the evidence presented by the parties.

Mr Kalawe will remain on suspension until the disciplinary process has been finalised.  The disciplinary process remains an internal matter and further communication will be issued by SAA once the disciplinary process has been finalised.