South Africans, who want to return to the countries where they are based can now do so. Provided it is for work, study, a family reunion to take up permanent residency or to receive medical attention.

South Africans allowed to return to countries where they are based

To do so they will need to provide:

  • A copy of their valid South African passport;
  • A letter confirming their admissibility under the current circumstances from the embassy or other diplomatic/consular representative of the country they want to travel to. If returning by road or connecting via flights, the proof submitted needs to include permission from each transiting country.
  • Proof of means of travel such as air or bus tickets and the intended date of departure

South Africans, who fall in these categories and satisfy the criteria, can send an email to Travellers who meet the criteria will receive an email response confirming they can proceed with their travel plans. People applying as a group can send one email with the supporting documents for each member of the group.