As announced to the aviation community in June 2014, the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) has removed information on all aerodromes other than those containing the latest surveyed information, such as that on the major airports, from the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP)

The Regulator is reliant on aerodrome authorities to supply the updated AIP information, in which case the aerodromes will be put back onto the AIP. ICAO Annex 15 requires that survey data be current before the Regulator can put an airport in the AIP and the SACAA therefore removed the noncompliant airports from the AIP. The non-compliant aerodromes are mainly private, non-commercial airports. In the meantime Jeppesen has also been contacted and they are now putting the data back onto the GPS data base. This matter served before NASCOM on Thursday, 12 February 2015 and industry is satisfied that aviation safety has, indeed, not been compromised.

However, the information has never been lost or removed; it has been made available in a new location. The aerodromes without updated data have now been listed on the SACAA website, including the full information as previously contained in the AIP. This data is updated as and when information is reviewed from the aerodrome licence holder and will, in fact, be updated in a shorter period, which is an improvement in providing safety information. Any aerodrome, of which the data conforms to the AIP requirements, will be reinstated in the document. All pilots are, however, reminded to use caution regarding information on the aerodromes without updated data.

SACAA does not contract and/or regulate third party service providers which capture airfield data from the AIP. Third parties have been made aware of the change of location of the aerodrome data in questions and have further agreed to reinstate the data on their databases.

Link:http://www.caa.co.za/Pages/Aeronautical%20Information/Aerodromes%20and%20Helistops%20 Directory.aspx


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