OR Tambo International Airport is to extend its irregular baggage rules over June and July.

Since March, round bags, bags with long hanging straps and those without flat surfaces have had a restriction placed on them. Betty Maloka, senior manager: corporate affairs at OR Tambo, says: “No passenger will be turned back due an irregular bag, rather our agents will educate the passenger on the correct bag and/or refer them to the baggage wrapping service.”

Passengers with irregular bags will be given the option of having their bag wrapped at approved wrapping stations to give it a flat side. Alternatively, passengers can remove the straps or tape the straps flat, incorporating a flat surface in the process.

This rule only applies to passengers departing out of OR Tambo International Airport. The rules were introduced as a soft launch phase aimed at preventing blockages and breakdowns in the baggage handling system caused by these bags, as per Iata guidelines.

“The irregular baggage soft launch at OR Tambo International Airport was to create awareness and enable departing passengers to comply with acceptable baggage restrictions,” says Maloka.

She adds that there are no specified timelines to the rules.