Monthly – Issued on 08 May 2019


Meeting with SIR ABJ

Price Transparency | 14-Apr-2019 | MESIAS Gerardo (
Please be informed of the industry meeting that took place on Tuesday 12 March with SIR Refinery in Abidjan.

Thomas Camara (Director General)
Mrs Sidibé (Directeur commercial et économique)
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Fuel Operational Data Hub PoC

Global Matters – Fuel Data Standards | 07-May-2019 | CHEREAU Daniel (
Over the last few months, a number of airlines (Air France, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Lufhtansa) and IT service providers (ebits, Gazprom, Minova, OneFuel, SAP, Skybits, QT) have been running a Proof of Concept ….
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Industry Meeting with NPA and GACL in Ghana
Price Transparency,Fuel Fees & Charges,Fuel Taxation | 17-Apr-2019 | MESIAS Gerardo (
IATA met with the Jet Fuel Task Force of Ghana National Petroleum Authority (NPA) on 13 March to discuss a more cost effective pricing for jet fuel. The government had established such task force to improve the competitiveness of jet fuel ….
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South Africa

NERSA Decision on Transnet 2019 2020 Tariffs
Fuel Fees & Charges | 03-Apr-2019 | MESIAS Gerardo (

Please find attached (in the Repository) NERSA’s press release of its tariff decision for Transnet 2019/20 pipeline system.
NERSA decided on a 10.95% tariff increase. It is a reduction to Transnet proposed 41.17% tariff increase.
While we welcome NERSA’s revision, we are not satisfied with the tariff increase, and the industry is planning further stakeholders’ consultations this year to bring transport costs in line with industry best practices.
We thank you all for your on-going support on this matter and the hard work from AASA and SA in successfully engaging the different stakeholders (see previous post / industry letters for more details)….
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All countries
Americas Regional Fuel Meeting in Panama

Price Transparency,Fuel Fees & Charges,Fuel Taxation,Competition,Supply Reliability | 07-May-2019 | CHEREAU Daniel (
On March 20 & 21, 2019, IATA and ALTA hosted a joint Americas Fuel meeting in Panama, bringing together commercial fuel managers from 8 airlines as well as representatives from 13 fuel suppliers and information service providers. Participants ….
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Concerns about fueling operations in Guayaquil
Supply Reliability | 07-May-2019 | CHEREAU Daniel (
On May 2, 2019, IATA in coordination with the IATA Fuel Quality Pool (IFQP) sent a letter to Civil Aviation Authorities in Ecuador to request their prompt action regarding findings from recent IFQP inspections ….
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Meeting with fuel suppliers at ASA
Competition,Supply Reliability | 07-May-2019 | CHEREAU Daniel (
On April 5, 2019 the industry represented by IATA, ALTA, and CANAERO, met with fuel suppliers at ASA’s facilities in Mexico City to discuss operational details of implementation of the Energy Reform. The ….
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United States

A4A Publication on Management of Airport Fuel Systems
Price Transparency,Fuel Fees & Charges,Competition,Supply Reliability | 06-May-2019 | CHEREAU Daniel (
Publication that details the U.S. fuel consortium model


ANCAP’s new ex-refinery price at La Teja
Price Transparency,Fuel Fees & Charges | 07-May-2019 | CHEREAU Daniel (
Over the last couple of years, IATA together with ALTA and CAMAERO have advocated against the high cost of jet fuel arising from lack of transparency in the way ANCAP set their ex-refinery prices. After ….
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Uruguay – New ex refinery price

Price Transparency,Fuel Fees & Charges | 10-Apr-2019 | CHEREAU Daniel (
On April 4 2019, the Uruguayan Minister of Transport, Mr. Victor Rossi, announced a long awaited new formula for the ex-refinery price at La Teja. The revised import parity price is based on Platts USGC reference +35 US cents per gallon, and ….
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NCE Supply Reliability Annual Meeting – Nice- Nice Côte d’Azur International Airport

Fuel Fees & Charges,Supply Reliability | 01-May-2019 | MESIAS Gerardo (
On 21 March, IATA attended the annual industry meeting at NCE airport in preparation of the 2019 peak season. As per the attached minutes (French), all key stakeholders were represented.
Despite the increase in traffic and the numerous ….
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Supply competition Poland
Competition | 07-May-2019 | CAPUTO Stefania (
In response to IATA’s letter sent on November 2018 tothe Ministry of Infrastructure of Poland (ref. proposed merger of PKN Orlen andGrupa Lotos in Poland). We have received ….
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