With reference to the outbreak of Zika virus in South America and the Yellow Fever outbreak in Angola the following for your urgent attention.

Both diseases are transmitted by mosquito vectors and not from human to human contact. Currently Port Health Officers are collecting disinfecting canisters that were sprayed in the aircraft passenger hold. Evidence from WHO indicates that the mosquito can survive in the cargo hold of some aircraft.

It is important that all aircraft arriving from endemic Yellow Fever and Malaria areas be properly disinfected before arrival in SA. As from the 16th March 2016 Port Health Officials will also collect the empty canisters from the cargo holds.

Please note that if empty canisters cannot be produced PHO will close the aircraft and do the disinfection, passengers will stay on board for 10 minutes before disembarking.

All passengers coming from Angola must have a VALID Yellow Fever Certificate before they will be allowed to enter SA. Airlines must please ensure that all passengers do have the certificate before boarding from Luanda.

Your cooperation in this regard will be appreciated, for any further information please contact this office.


O Jacobs

Deputy Director

Port Health