The African Travel & Tourism Association (ATTA) has released the results of its recent survey, ‘Addressing the Future of Terms & Conditions’, which highlight a need for a COVID-19 clause that “clearly outlines all variables to the standard T&Cs in the booking process throughout the chain”, according to the survey report.

The report – which surveyed suppliers, DMCs and tour operators – highlighted that while there was no clear way forward regarding the future of terms and conditions, there was willingness between all parties to work together through the short-term, and openness on what was needed for the future.

“Many in the industry have operated successfully on strong working relationships and gentlemen’s agreements but it is now clear that these need to be solidified with collaborative contracts,” reads the preface to the report.

The report recommended that while standard terms and conditions (T&Cs) would remain constant, a separate COVID-19 clause was needed for all levels of the travel and tourism supply chain.

A COVID-19 policy dictates more flexible T&Cs in times of COVID-19, with ATTA emphasising that an understanding of the challenges faced at each part of the chain was essential to ensure smooth flowing business in the future.

“Individual agreements and relationships remain essential to reflect the accommodation type, DMC and tour operators’ business,” concluded the report.

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