The Board of Airline Representatives South Africa stands firmly with South Africa’s travel and tourism sectors against the recent outbreaks of  violence against foreign nationals.

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms the recent attacks on foreign nationals and deeply regret that such irresponsible and criminal conduct could find its way in society,” says BARSA CEO June Crawford.

BARSA understands that some of South Africa’s international source markets may be concerned about these attacks and as a result prospective travellers from those countries are reconsidering, and in some cases cancelling, their plans to travel to South Africa.

“The  attacks’ on foreign nationals living in our country has potential negative impact on our travel and tourism sectors, and indeed on the international airline members of BARSA.  We would like to assure prospective travellers that tourism activity in South Africa remains unaffected and that swift, decisive action is being taken to end this senseless behaviour.”

BARSA furthermore joins the Ministry of Tourism and its fellow South African travel and tourism trade associations in its firm commitment to stand ready to welcome visitors to the country so that they may enjoy the diversity and hospitality this tourism destination has to offer.

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