Released: 3 June 2019

The Board of Airline Representatives South Africa (BARSA) were surprised and disappointed to learn about the resignation of South African Airways (SAA) CEO, Vuyani Jarana over this past weekend. The CEO cited “bureaucracy and uncertainty about funding” as his reasons for tendering his resignation. 

“SAA plays such an important role in the aviation industry in South Africa and Vuyani Jarana’s leadership of the national carrier over the past months has brought so much confidence for the airline’s return to stability”, says BARSA CEO June Crawford.

Ms Crawford has a very good working relationship with Mr Jarana and believes he had the ability and resolve to turn SAA’s fortunes around. She says, “I was impressed by his strategic approach to turning SAA around. He is energetic, enthusiastic and given the enormity of the task, he has the attitude of “extraordinary circumstances needing extraordinary solutions” and it is this that the industry bought in to and supported. I am very disappointed to hear of his resignation”. 

“As BARSA, we will continue to work with the various business unit teams who Mr Jarana had inspired to give their best to the company and ensure continuous improvement and operational success”, concludes June Crawford.  

Note to editors: 

The Board of Airline Representatives of South Africa (BARSA) represents the interests of its African and International members to government, airport operators and other stakeholders in the airline industry with the aim of facilitating and further developing a safe, efficient and viable aviation industry in South Africa. BARSA provides a single concerted voice on policy and other matters in relation to government and other stakeholders in transport, business and tourism. As members of Business Unity South Africa (BUSA), BARSA remains a critical role player, offering a voice to African and International airlines operating to and from the Republic of South Africa.