The regulations governing the movement of minors remain a convoluted subject. Despite the recent pronouncements by the interministerial committee on the unattended consequences of the new immigration regulations and visa regime Minister Gigaba indicated it will take time to implement as the changes need to confine to legal prescripts. Minister Gigaba further stated that until such time the status quo will remain. Immigration at IMS ORTIA rarely refuses a minor as we try and go the extra mile to determine whether a threat/risk exist. I know this is frustrating to the community as potential clients are shown away that do not conform to all the requirements. It is just as difficult for us as its a question of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

My concern, however, is with certain airlines who seem to ignore the legal requirements. On several occasions travellers arrive with no documentation in place. When questioned they simply state they were not aware of the requirements. This remains doubtful and surely the airline should also be aware of the requirements. Fortunately in some instances minors travell with both parents and immigration may not detect a threat/risk and allow movement. However, if this blatant disregard for SA laws and regulations continue unabated by the airlines or any conveyance for that matter immigration will have no recourse but to effect a refusal in the future.

We are really trying to diminish any unattended causes, but can not ignore the requirements in totality.