The number of new Ebola virus disease (EVD) cases has continued to decrease in recent weeks in Katwa and Butembo, with a total of eight cases reported in these two health zones combined in the past week. On the other hand, case incidence in Mabalako, especially in Aloya Health Area, has grown substantially. In this area, in addition to transmission within community and social settings, an increased number of healthcare worker (HCW) and potential nosocomial infections have been reported, highlighting the ongoing need for further improvement in protecting HCWs and patients in health facilities in these emerging areas. Reintroduction events were also detected in Lubero, Komanda and Rwampara health zones in recent weeks, pointing to the ongoing risk of spread associated with the outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These events are also a strain on limited resources available to support operations, including the security required to maintain access across multiple geographical areas.

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